Monday, September 29, 2008



I really only have a few things to say

First, thank you to the politicians who were brave enough to vote NO. You may just have solidified your seat next election cycle.

Second, thank you for finally listening to your constituents about what they want.

Third, to the politicians who voted for this disastrous bill, do not be surprised if you have lost a lot of support, and remember your neglect when you are out of a job.

And finally I would like to extend a big middle finger to these private companies and banks who want the taxpayers to bail them out.

We have won for now folks, we have won for now. We made our voices heard, we acted, we called our representatives and we have succeeded.




  1. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20081002/ap_on_bi_ge/financial_meltdown

    Hehe. Spoke a little too soon, didn't we? Honestly, you shouldn't be surprised at this though. It was inevitable that it would pass.

  2. It only passed Senate, it did not pass the House. The House will again vote this week.

    Never fear, I am already drafting letters to my rep to urge him again to vote no, and letters to my Senators to chastise them for voting yes. Spoke too soon, no I only spoke about what happened in the House.


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