Sunday, September 7, 2008

Abortion, liberty, and the law

I have recently been questioned about my views on abortion and how they compare with my views of limited government and liberty. I must confess, my views on abortion in regards to the government are slightly different than my views on abortion based on my religious beliefs.

I am a Christian so in my own personal religious belief I do not support abortion. I see it as one human being voluntarily ending the life of another innocent human being. In the eyes of religion life begins at conception, long before anyone knows if they are pregnant. From a religious standpoint I see this as a sin, but I do not think it means that you are damned to hell. I am not God, I can not judge you as a human being, I do not know what your relationship with God is, or what your personal situation is at this time. I condemn no one to hell because that is not my place and I do not have that power. Do not ask me if I think a person who has had an abortion is going to hell, I do not know, I can not be sure one way or the other. I know that the God I worship is a loving and forgiving God to those who seek His love and forgiveness. He also loves those who do not seek his love and forgiveness but He will not force His love and He will not force you to love Him. So to recap, from a religious perspective I believe abortion to be wrong, are you going to hell...I am not God

Now from a political standpoint, I believe that abortion should not be legal nor do I believe it should be illegal. In the American tradition of being responsible for yourself and small federal government I would say that a person always has a choice to make, but the choice comes long before conception. The choice to have a child does not happen once you are pregnant, it happens before you make the choice to has sexual intercourse, but that is all about being responsible for you. As far as I am concerned the federal government has no business creating a law telling you that you can not have an abortion, but they also have no business providing federal money to promote research, aide or anything else having to do with an abortion. If someone wants an abortion they should pay for it, or have personal insurance that will cover it, or have a private organization pay for it. All research should be paid for by private companies, and let the public decide if they agree by patronizing that company or by boycotting, it should come from tax payer money. As a taxpayer who does not support the idea of abortion I believe that I should not have to pay for it, and as you are a tax payer as well, and if you believe in abortion, I do not think you should be forced to pay taxes to enforce a law that the government has no business dealing in. Science states that life begins 25 days after conception, which is long before you know you are pregnant as well. But because people can not agree on when life really begins it can not be legislated, and really the government has no business legislating it.

So in short, I believe that abortion is wrong, but I believe that it is not the governments job to legislate on the topic of abortion. It should not be funded in any way by the government and it should not be banned. Take responsibility for you and yours.

(undoubtedly some will ask say "what about rape", "what about a birth where the mother will die if the child is born", "what about a poor mother who can not support a child"? These are all unique cases and I gave my belief as a general overview. I can apply my views to all of them and they fit quite well. The idea of personal liberty and small government fits well with most any situation.)

May all be well,

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