Friday, August 29, 2008

Palin Fever is spreading

Sarah Palin shooting what appears to be an AR on her last visit to the troops in Iraq

Shortly after Palin was announced as Vice President the internet has exploded with excited chatter and support for this woman. Palin fever is spreading, and also, it seems, she is swinging people over to vote for McCain and herself this upcoming election.

Here are what some people are saying from various blogs I read, and blogs that they read as well, that I checked out to see what people are saying. I have linked to all of the blogs that I took comments from. They are pretty good reads if anyone wants to become a follower. (I hope no one minds that I have quoted from their blogs and linked to them, if you do let me know and I will remove it immediately)

From PDB's blog
I am so impressed by the selection of Sarah Palin for the R vice presidency spot that for the first time in my life, I will slap a political sticker on my car! I have gone from mildly apathetic to borderline enthusiastic!

From No Looking Backwards
It's Sarah!Congratulations, President McCain.

You did the right thing.

I'd actually support McCain if he did that(referring to picking Palin) -Robb.

Now I can vote for McCain.

From View from the Porch
Palin? Color me impressed.

This is absolutely fantastic

When I heard it was Palin, I was a bit giddy too...

I'm impressed. McCain may have given me the ability to vote my conscience, and for him, at the same time.

I mean, I was hoping he'd pick Palin, but since my desires and government are usually something that never meet, I didn't figure he'd actually do it.

Awesome. Hooray!

Yesterday, there was a 100% chance I would not be voting GOP.

Today, I'm suddenly mulling the idea.

I think it's a good choice, she has good conservative creds, and may have some real appeal to the Clinton crowd.Not to mention she seems to have some guts.

From Snowflakes in Hell
I think McCain hit this one out of the park. She will be a powerful addition to his ticket

Good Lord this woman is looking better and better to me! To think a politician being advised as to what the Constitution allows and than voting with the Constitution. Maybe if all politicians voted like this women we would not be in some of the trouble we are in.

From The Armed School Teacher
God help me, I'm starting to feel the urge to vote for McCain.
Well, OK, it's an urge to vote for Sarah Palin

From The Breda Fallacy
Chosen as running mate by John McCain, she's a true maverick who fought her own party to end corruption and overspending, granted state benefits to same-sex couples, and is a member of Feminists for Life.I just signed up to volunteer with the GOP.

Seriously, waking up to this news this morning has made this my favorite day in a long time

This sure makes it easier to push the button for McCain.

From Neanderpundit
WHOOO HOOOOO!!! Life NRA member, hunter, fisher(wo)man, reformer, constructionis, second amendment absolutist, mother of FIVE, including a downs syndrome child, who she KNEW was downs syndrome and delivered ANYWAY, my good lord I love this woman.

She made me smile on all the big issues.
A politician hasn’t made me smile in a long time.

Thank God. Now I can vote for McCain with an easy conscience.

I think it’s safe to say that the base has been energized.

The GOP may have just got me off the couch

Well with all of that being said it is easy to see that Sarah Palin has got to be the smartest decision that McCain and the GOP has ever made. As people have pointed out, she has cured people's apathy, settled the decision of who to vote for, and have energized the GOP movement once again.

Welcome to the party Sarah. You have successfully swung voters and energized the party in only a few hours. Perhaps we will see you as President, as some are already hopeful about.


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