Saturday, August 16, 2008

Is there proof that He Kexin is too young to be an Olympic Gymnast?

In my extensive search into the fact that many people, including myself, believe that at least two of the girls from the Chinese Olympic team are not of age to compete in the Olympics. The two girls in question are Jiang Yuyuan and He Kexin. I have come under just a small amount of criticism from some people because apparently I am not an expert (I never claimed to be) and because I am American I think that the only way for America to lose is because someone else has to cheat (again I never even hinted at that, I believe there are some sports America has and will continue to lose at).

So In order to shut the critics up, not just mine but all of the critics who say that we are just complaining that America lost, and in order to bring this to all of you, the readers of this blog, I have found some evidence. This was not "broken" by me but I think you all will appreciate it and I will give credit where credit is due.

An Article from the China Daily dated May 23 2008(Click for bigger, readable view)

This article was in the China Daily dated May 23 2008 and I found it via Google, however the page is no longer available. Thanks to Google's system of caching I was able to grab this snap shot. I am sorry this picture is hard to see, however the things I point out are this, the title is "Uneven bars queen, the new star in town", the name in the article is indeed "He Kexin", and the first line of the second paragraph reads, "The 14-year-old newcomer to the national team". That same article that is now on the website has her listed as 16, but we know from the original article, that her age was quickly changed when it came into question.

For me that was enough to know that I am correct in my assumptions, however there is more evidence as reported by the China Digital Times. This next picture is from the China Digital Times and shows an article written by the Xinhua News Agency on November 3, 2007. This article is in Chinese but the caption under the picture is translated into English by the China Digital Times.

An Article from the Xinhua News Agency written on November 3, 2007 as reported by the China Digital Times on August 16 2008(Click for bigger, readable view)

The english translation reads:
The thirteen-year-old He Kexin, from Wuhan, met opponent Yang Yilin, who is on the National Team. Amid cheers from her hometown audience, the young girl excellently executed the full set of moves in the finals, and just beat out Yang Yilin, who already had high scores. Lu Shanzhen, the General Coach of the National Gymastic team, also applauded her performance.

Now, answer me this, is someone who is thirteen in 2007 eligible to compete in the Olympics in 2008? Unless the Chinese have a secret, other that falsify passport and birth information, for speeding up age than it is obvious there is some cheating going on by the Chinese.

The next document is from China's National Sports Administration, needless to say this is also no longer available on line. It is the list of athletes and has been once again translated by the China Digital Times. It shows the document in the Original Chinese and then the translation showing He Kexin as being born on January 1 1994.
Roster from China's National Sports Administration, translated by China Digital Times(Click for bigger, readable view)

And finally, six, count them SIX quotes from various Chinese news sources listing the age of He Kexin. Once again the translations are by Chinese Digital Times.
Quotes from Various Chinese News sources, translated into english by China Digital Times(Click for bigger, readable view)

Well there we have it folks. There is really not much more that I have to see to know that China has indeed cheated in order to win the Gold. Combined with what I had posted a few days ago and what I have posted today, I have a solid foundation to stand on, and leave my critics, and the critics of others, little room to doubt. But just in case some people are not convinced that China would cheat in an Olympic game to win, there is one more thing that I found in the Huffington Post on August 14 2008:
China has a rich history of age falsification in Olympics competition, especially in gymnastics. At the 2000 Sydney Olympics, three years after the minimum age was raised to 16 in gymnastics, Chinese gymnast Yang Yun competed and won a bronze medal in the uneven bars (coincidentally this event is also He's specialty). Yang's passport said she was born on December 24, 1984 and turning 16 in the year of the Games, making her eligible. She later confessed in a television interview that she was only 14 at the time of the competition and that she and her coaches had lied about her age.

Does that sound familiar? A Chinese gymnast being pawned off as 16 in order for her to compete, in 2000 no less. Later she confessed she was 14. Apparently the Chinese Government has short term memory loss, and does not learn from their cheating mistakes.

With all this media attention and proof of cheating, I can not imagine that the International Olympic Committee will let the Chinese keep the medal they won. Stayed tuned and we will see what happens.



  1. Maybe in the Year of the Dog one year counted as seven.

    I live in a little town where one of the US team is from. People have not said much vocally but the look on the faces as these children were allowed to compete said it all.

    If that girl is 13 I'm a liberal.

  2. it's sad, because it is plan to see. They physically look small...and they clearly aren't old enough...

    In a (comical) side note, every time Jiang, I believe, went up to perform the floor exercise, the announcer kept saying," this routine is so fun, it's like she is playing on that playground"...probably because she is NOT 16! and they have taken her playground time, so she is getting out the best way she can...lol


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