Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hunting season is upon us

I saw this advertisement today and it made me laugh, mostly because I always joke about using deer urine when hunting and because while funny, it is true. This advertisement made me realize that deer hunting season will be here soon and I need to get everything in order so that I can get out there this year. I have not been out in the past for many reasons. The first year I was supposed to go my dad and I went to sight in the rifles and we practiced shooting at targets, just so we can get ready to bag the big one. Then my dad tore his rotator cuff and had to miss a few hunting seasons. That brought me up to my college years where I could not have a rifle on campus (and I was not in my home state) so I could not hunt. So here I am today, looking up the schedules of the mandatory hunter-trapper education classes that are required by the state of Pennsylvania for all new hunters before I can apply for my license. In a few weeks I guess I will be sitting in some class itching to be in the woods waiting for a deer to amble along, the smell of deer urine in the air, the deer will be intrigued and as he stares into the glass eye of my scope I will gently squeeze the trigger of my rifle and in a few seconds have fresh meat for dinner.

I am excited about the hunt this year, it is not necessarily because I enjoy killing animals, I am grateful for the sacrifice of the deer, and to God for allowing me to hunt this beautiful animal. I am anxious to hunt for many reasons; for one I look forward to the thrill of the hunt, after all as animals ourselves this is our primal instinct. I also look forward to it because it is a time to reflect on myself and to get back to nature. There is something about being in the middle of the woods, alone and quiet, that is calming and feels right. Apart from those things, if I do bring home a good sized deer it will lessen my grocery bill, to an extent. My fiance does not like deer meat, but I love deer meat and I have no problem eating all types of deer meat products including steaks, sausage, jerky, stews, and any other type of deer meat.

In the advertisement above there is a little message under the main one that says "fend for yourself", and that is also part of the thrill of the hunt for me. It gives me the chance to fend for myself, and there really is something to that. A meal prepared for yourself is always more satisfying than a meal in a restaurant, and a meal where you provide the main ingredients from a garden or from a hunt is more satisfying than a meal prepared from preserved grocery store fare.

I just hope this year I too get the chance to say"why yes big boy, that is deer urine I'm wearing".


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