Sunday, August 31, 2008

"Gun-man" arrested near Obama Rally

John Noble, a 50 year old resident of Beaver County Pennsylvania, was disarmed and arrested after having a holstered pistol on his person in a park near an Obama Rally. Mr. Noble says he was sitting in the park with his wife, getting ready to hand out gun rights fliers to people going to the rally to see Obama, a self proclaimed gun rights opponent. Barack Obama, who said in a speech earlier this year that people "get bitter and cling to their guns and religion", has come under scrutiny from the gun owning community, even so more since he has picked gun grabber Joe Biden as his Vice Presidential candidate.

John Noble was still sitting in the park with his wife, eating and apple and holding a bible when four police officers and a police dog approached Mr. Noble, disarmed him and placed him under arrest. Mr. Noble says that
"It's my right to keep and bear arms. It's completely legal what I was doing, "I was about to hand out some gun-right fliers. I never had a chance."
He even offered some of the fliers to the police in order to show them what he was doing, however the police officers were not interested in the fliers, or the rights of John Noble.

And what crime did Mr. John Noble commit some may ask? According to the Pittsburgh Tribune Review
State police Trooper Shawn Schexnaildre said in a news release that Noble breached a secured perimeter of a presidential candidate political rally with a fully loaded, holstered and exposed handgun.

Noble's actions created a clear public alarm and caused a significant breakdown in rally security because officers had to leave manned security posts to arrest and disarm Noble, the trooper said.

Misdemeanor disorderly conduct charges will be forthcoming against Noble, said Schexnaildre.

This is the most absurd thing I have heard in a long time. He "breached" a secure perimeter. If by breached they mean he sat in a park eating an apple with his wife and holding a bible then I suppose so. And I wonder how he "breached" the perimeter in the first place, I am assuming to breach a perimeter there actually has to be someone guarding that perimeter, which clearly was not the case, or that Police did a very poor job at doing so.

The State Trooper says that he "created a clear public alarm and caused a significant breakdown in rally security". Mr. Noble was openly carrying a holstered 9mm Glock handgun. This does not cause alarm to me, he was merely following the law, as in Pennsylvania he is allowed to open carry, not to mention the Constitution allows him to keep and bear arms. As far as him causing a breakdown in rally security, he did no such thing. The breakdown cam when the officers decided to infringe upon the rights of this man. He was doing nothing illegal. If investigating a possible crime is a breakdown in security, perhaps they should reconsider their job duties as police and rally security. Had they recognized this mans right to carry his firearm openly (and he also had a concealed carry permit as well) than security would have remained just as it always had.

Mr. Noble says that he has carried his pistol all over Beaver county for 23 years and has never had a problem with anything. He says he has carried it for protection but has never had to use, or even draw his gun.

The police shackled and held Mr. Noble for three hours as well as confiscated his gun. His gun, costing about $600.00, has not been returned.

John Noble was asked if he thought it was wise to carry a gun near an Obama rally and he said that
"His rights don't trump mine."

You are correct sir, just because he is a Presidential nominee and a gun grabbing socialist, does not mean that your rights should be infringed upon. Imagine folks, Obama is already having people's guns removed and he is not even President. Think about what will happen if he and Biden, the author of various gun bans, come into power. Obama and the media may claim him to be the next Messiah, but he does has no right to take to your guns, and neither does anyone else.

I wish Mr. Noble the best of luck and hope that he sues the pants off the State Troopers who illegally arrested and confiscated his property. If the police want to arrest a criminal they can start with the politicians who pass gun bans, as it is illegal to do so based on the Constitution.

After reading this story I will say what I said a few days ago, with the words of our Texan ancestors echoing in my ears, "Come and Take It

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