Sunday, August 24, 2008

Free the Airwaves--Bringing Wireless Internet to Everyone, Everywhere

In February 2009 television will move from analog to all digital, which means there will be a lot of unused airwaves available. If anyone can remember the white noise channels on old televisions (and sometimes on the newer television) these are unused airwaves. A group of people, along with Google, have created a group called "Free the Airwaves" and they are petitioning the FCC so that these airwaves may be used to bring Broadband wireless internet to everyone, everywhere. There are major benefits in this that include, but not limited too, bringing wireless internet access to rural communities. Additionally, with rural communities having internet access, it will open up other technologies for rural communities. Google and Free the Airwaves are much better at explaining it than me so if you have a few minutes (reading about it does not take long) head on over to the Google Blog and also check out Free the Airwaves, where a Google product manager has made a short video explaining what this is all about. If you like what you hear, sign the petition to the FCC to show your support. Imagine, wireless freedom.


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