Friday, August 8, 2008

Concealed Carry Guns on College Campuses

I watched a video today, about 5 minutes long, about a student at the University of Texas who is lobbying to allow for concealed carry on campus. As many of you know I have been a long time supporter of allowing concealed carry on campus, it just makes sense that those who can legally carry off campus should be legally allowed to carry on campus, there really is not much difference. With the most recent shootings coming to my mind being Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois my conviction of being able to carry on campus is renewed. At Virginia Tech at least 6 students had concealed carry licenses but that day those students left their guns in their cars or in their homes because Virginia Tech made them. Further more there were 2 students who were military trained, and 2 more who were in the ROTC. All of these students were capable of protecting themselves, protecting their fellow classmates, and stopping a killer.

In the University of Northern Illinois case, the man entered a classroom that had only one door and opened fire on those students. They had absolutely no where to go, and the University did not allow them to defend themselves.

In 1966 at the University of Texas a man climbed a tower and began shooting people with a rifle, the police were called, SWAT teams were at the scene, they were all trying to stop this man, and in the end it was a private armed citizen who brought that to an end.

Before I show the video I want you to think about your own college campus as I had done many times as I sat in classrooms. Think about the layout of the classrooms and the seats you normally sit in. How many doors are in the classroom? How easy would it be to reach that door if you needed to escape and there was gunman shooting at you? What about a place to hide since you can not defend yourself? I sat in classrooms horrified, I usually saw just one door and if a gunman is shooting from it I can not go out it. I looked at my plastic desk and knew there was no where to hide. Sitting in those classrooms I prayed someone did not break that day and come into the classroom and start shooting because I would have become another statistic. Interestingly enough I was allowed to have a pocket knife and pepper spray on campus, both capable of seriously injuring someone, but against a man with a gun they would not have useful unless I had somehow been able to get close enough.

Watch the video and then you decide who should be responsible for making sure you live; you or your campus security?

And one more thing as an after thought, the one student in the video said "it [gun] could off in a classroom". I am assuming that she means it could "accidentally discharge". This is a fallacy hyped up the Brady Campaign and the media. Firearms do not accidentally discharge Please know that any gun owner and any person knowledgeable about guns knows that they only "accidentally discharge" with the help of a human being. When they go off because of an "accident" it is because someone did not follow the rules of gun ownership, and that rule is that they either did not safely secure their weapon, or they did not keep their booger hook off the trigger until they were ready to fire (lay terms: their finger was on the trigger without them being willing or ready to fire at that time). I understand this girls hesitation but it because of misguidance, not because of actual fact.

Remember your freedoms,

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