Saturday, August 23, 2008

Barack Obama Picks Joe Biden---A decision raising some eyebrows

Joe Biden and Barack Obama

At approximately 3:13am my Blackberry emitted it's dutiful call to me, letting me know that I have received an important message. Through bleary eyes and a sleep induced fog in my head I read this message
"Barack has chosen Senator Joe Biden to be our VP nominee."
I read it again and realized it was a message from the Obama campaign notifying me of the Vice Presidential choice.

I quickly woke up, realizing that Barack Obama just made a huge mistake. Listed below is 21 reasons is why Senator Joe Biden is a bad choice for Barack, for Vice President, and for America. (comments in italics are my own)

  1. He voted NO on $40 billion dollars in reduced overall federal spending (this is your money being spent)
  2. Voted NO on prioritizing national debt reduction.
  3. Voted YES on prohibiting same sex marriage (remember the government has no right to tell a consenting adult whether or not they can marry another consenting adult. Regardless of religious beliefs, the government does not have this power.)
  4. Rated 32% by the US COC, indicating an anti-business voting record (remember business owners of America. Joe Biden is not your friend)
  5. Said "National ban on smoking would reduce chronic illness (Should the government really be able to tell you whether or not you can smoke? And what next? A Ban on driving would stop chronic car accidents...do not go down the slippery slop of government regulation)
  6. Voted NO on school vouchers in DC (anyone who has seen the public school system in DC knows why this is a bad decision. On top of that you should be the one to decide where you want your child and your education tax money to go.)
  7. Voted YES on dis-allowing oil drilling in Alaska's ANWR (remember how high gas prices are climbing)
  8. Voted YES on banning drilling in ANWR (again, gas prices are high and this could help to end America's oil dependence on other countries. With today's technology this would be perfectly safe)
  9. Rated 16% by the Christian Coalition, a family watch group, indicating an anti-family voting record
  10. Said to "Shut down any imports of toys from China. (Shouldn't you decide whom you buy from and what you buy? You are a rational and informed citizen are you not? )
  11. Voted to keep the assualt weapon gun ban (introduced by Pres. Clinton, this ban was shown by the Department of Justice to increase violent crimes, not decrease them. It seems Biden either does not know what the laws he votes for actually does, or he wants you to be victimized by violent crime)
  12. Voted NO on banning lawsuits against gun manufacturers for gun violence (Gun manufacturers' making of gun does not contribute to violence. The Department of Justice has shown that the more law abiding citizens with guns decreases violence. By saying that gun manufacturers are the cause of gun violence is absurd, that is like saying that car makers are the cause of auto accident deaths. No folks, neglect and misuse causes gun violence.)
  13. Voted F by the NRA, indicating a pro-gun control voting record (he is not the friend of anyone who wants to protect their families, or themselves, nor the friends of hunters who provide food for their families, or farmers who use guns for food and protection of crops. Joe Biden is not your friend on the Second Amendment, he does not believe you have this right)
  14. Voted YES on blocking Health Savings Accounts (that's right folks, even if you want to put money into a HSA so that you can have money to cover future medical expenses should you need it, Sen. Joe Biden does not want you to be able to do this. Think about that the next time you have a medical bill to pay.)
  15. He wants universal national service in either the military or the peace corps (Now he even wants to take away your choice as to what to do with your own time and money. Don't want to join the military or peace corps? To bad, Joe Biden thinks it should be mandatory or "universal". Know what other country forces people to join the military, communist China.)
  16. Voted YES on reauthorizing the Patriot Act. (the Patriot Act is a law of gross rights violations. It infringes on human and constitutional rights and has shown to cause problems because of it gross abuse.)
  17. Voted NO on Social Security lock box (aka, Social Security can be dipped into for other reasons, one of the causes of our current Social Security crisis)
  18. Voted NO on personal retirement accounts (apparently you should not be allowed to be able to save for your own retirement)
  19. Voted NO on permanently repealing the death tax (yes folks even when you die your family will have to pay taxes on everything you leave for them to inherit, this also means that money you have already paid taxes on will be taxed again. It looks like both death and taxes are inevitable after all.)
  20. Voted NO on across the board spending cut (again, this is your money he wants to spend)
  21. Supports NAFTA and CAFTA, (these destroy America's right to trade freely with other countries, driving up prices of the goods you pay for
It seems Senator Biden does not have our best interest in mind when voting. He supports higher taxes for you, he supports control over what you do in your life, and he does not support your rights. Overall he is in favor big government, and as our Founding Fathers knew, Big Government is a bad thing for the people.

Remember folks, casting a vote for the Obama/Biden ticket is casting a vote to give away your freedoms.

And for my critics, casting a vote for McCain is also just as bad.

Make an informed choice,

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