Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Anthony Defense and Ammo Fund

Well I have decided to put a donate button onto my blog. The reason is this, my little city of gang bangers and criminals is becoming increasingly more dangerous, and as a recent college graduate in this city it is hard to find a job. Why is it hard to find a job you may ask? Well countless people have told me that I am over qualified for the many positions in my hometown. However, instead of belly aching over this I have decided to go back to school for nursing where I will be able to make more money in the long run and do something that I will enjoy.

At any rate, with money being tight I have not been able to buy the handgun that I had intended on buying to join the ranks of my fellow concealed carry owners, and to guard my home, myself, and my family in this city. Thus I have decided to unveil the (cue music and flashing lights) ANTHONY DEFENSE AND AMMO FUND.

If people do decide to contribute I will keep people up to date and will post pictures when I manage to buy the gun (and holster and ammo).

So let it be known that from this day forward the Defense and Ammo Fund is open and ready for donations.


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