Wednesday, August 13, 2008

American Airlines Charging War Bound Troops

CEO of American Airlines

The CEO of American Airlines, Gerard J. Arpey, apparently thinks that it is a good idea to charge American troops, who are on their way to war, for the extra bags that they have to bring with them. American Airlines recently charged two Texas soldiers $100 and $300 respectively because of the extra duffel bags that they had with them. This has caused a flurry of media attention and has brought backlash from VFW's and the military. A spokesman for American Airlines, Tim Wagner responded to the situation saying
"Because the soldiers don't pay a dime, our waiver of the fees amounts to a discount to the military, not a discount to soldiers..."Soldiers should not have to pay a penny of it."

What Mr. Wagner apparently does not know is that this paperwork must be submitted to the Pentagon for reimbursement and that is probably not at the fore front of importance when our troops put boots on the ground. Imagine this
Alpha Team: Bravo, this is Alpha, come in.
Bravo Team: This is Bravo
Alpha Team: Uh yeah, do you got a bead on that hostile?
Bravo Team: Sure Do Alpha, watch for incoming fire
Alpha Team: And did you remember to file reimbursement paperwork for those American Airlines fees?
Bravo Team: Damn

Mr. Arpey, Mr Wagner, the reason that you are calling your company American Airlines and not British Airlines, is because of our men and women in uniform. Apparently you think that they can file paperwork while worrying about things like staying alive and keeping their fellow troops alive. Paperwork is enough of a hassle, I would not want to have to worry about that while under fire.

American Airlines does seem to have a policy about this however, they do make exceptions for certain customers including First or Business Class tickets, AAdvantage Executive Platinum®, AAdvantage Platinum® and AAdvantage Gold® members. That's right, we wouldn't want to offend those elite passengers now would we?

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  1. WTF, over? This is reeedikulis! Even if the soldiers get reimbursed, they're still out the 1-3 hundred for the months that that could take. And a soldier's pay is not that large that that doesn't present a hardship.

    Aaarrrggghhh. just arg.


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