Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Every D.C. Police officer now armed with a machine gun

Not long after the Supreme Court ruled that Dick Heller could indeed have a firearm in the District, the city passed emergency legislation that will further limit what firearms are allowed. Under current District law this is a machine gun.

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Some of you who know about guns, or have seen a gun, or have even watched a movie where someone had a gun should be scratching your heads rights about now. If that is a machine gun than what is this soldier carrying?

Tensions Mount On Turkey Iraq Border
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Well that is also a machine gun of course. If you are confused you are not alone, so is the entire nation except of course DC Mayor Adrian Fenty, his administration and the City Council. Under current DC Laws the first picture, known to the rest of the world as a handgun, is labeled as a machine gun in DC because it "can fire more than 12 rounds without being manually reloaded" and "has a bottom feeding clip". While the rest of the world sees this as absurd the politicians in DC see no reason why a handgun should not, and can not be called a machine gun. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary a machine gun is defined as "a gun for sustained rapid fire that uses bullets; broadly : an automatic weapon". A handgun is a semi-automatic weapon, which means that when the trigger is pulled one time it only fires one bullet, not allowing for sustained rapid fire and the handgun will automatically expel the spent casing and reload as long as there are bullets in the clip, which makes it a semi-automatic.

I am not sure how logic seems to evade Mayor Fenty and the others in DC, however a quick look at that definition should clear up any doubts that this law is just another attempt at circumventing the Supreme Court's ruling about handguns.

This law and definition of a machine gun by DC may prove to cause some problems and raise some interesting questions. I ask one question to Mayor Fenty, why sir, are these DC police officers carrying machine guns on routine traffic stops?

U.S. Transportation Department Launches Nationwide Click It Or Ticket Program
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And what about this Capitol Mounted Police Officer Mayor Fenty?

US Capitol Security
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It seems that Mayor Fenty and the elites in Washington DC have some explaining to do. Mainly, why the DC police are carrying machine guns on a daily basis, and when will this absurd definition be changed?


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