Friday, July 11, 2008

Dumbest (Almost) Naked Criminal

Okay readers, this one will have you all questioning exactly what types of genes are in the gene pool. On July 8 a Mr. Patrick Bishop robbed (allegedly, remember proven innocent until proven guilty but not necessarily smart) an Auto Mart in Hartford. No one was harmed in the robbery but it does not end there. Apparently Bishop's friends are smarter than he is because his getaway vehicle of choice was a silver Mongoose bicycle! If the stupidity only stopped there it would not be worth blogging about, however during the course of his getaway attempt he began to strip down to his underwear briefs and stuffed the money (stripper style) in his underwear along with his wallet. When the police apprehended him, which I am assuming was not a long or high speed chase, Bishop told the officers that someone who looked like him and was wearing the same clothes actually robbed him, leaving only the money and his empty wallet. I guess the empty wallet was his attempt at validating his story about being robbed. He was booked in Washington County Jail.

This guy wins the Darwin award for the day.


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  1. Thank you for putting up the link for the missing children.

    As a Mom of a daughter out there in the world, exploring adulthood, it's nice to know that there are people out there, watchful and caring.


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