Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Awesome website "Giveaway of the Day"

As many of you know, I love new software that I can use with my computer to do various things. That is one of the reasons that I have an external hard drive, so that I can download more software without it slowing down my computer. The only thing I love more than new software is new free software. Now, because you are all my friends, I also want to offer new and free software to you, the readers of my blog. There are no strings attached here with most of this software, it is usually fully licensed versions that you can have for yourself. This is done through a website called "Give Away of the Day", and if you scroll down the page on my blog and look to the right you will see the html link to the free software. This button on my blog will tell you what free software is being offered that day and gives you the option to go to the website for more info and to download the software. No need to ever go to their website and try to navigate, you can just come to my blog take 30 seconds to check out what is being offered and decide if you want the free software that oyu will get because you are my readers! How awesome is that!?!

A few notes about the software however. Because this is free but fully licensed software there are some limitations, mostly things like no free upgrades to future versions and no technical support. Also, another tip before you download something that you may want, go to the website through my link and scroll down and read the reviews, sometimes there are things that you may encounter that other people have also encountered and the community of people there can answer. At times they will also tell you of better free software that may be available. I always find the comments to be very helpful.

So there you go my wonderful readers, free software just for you because you read my blog! Visit daily because the sofware can only be downloaded for free during a 24 hours period and then the free software will change. And while you are here feel free to read my blog too!

Enjoy your free software!

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