Monday, June 23, 2008

Sen. McCain not even president, already has plans to run up the national debt.

The Associated Press today reported that Senator McCain has some new plans and new incentives for energy efficiency. He is offering $300 million for anyone who can create a car battery that surpasses current battery technology. This new battery should deliver the same power at 30% of current costs. And when I say that the Senator is offering $300 million for this battery, I mean that he is offering government money, so you are paying for it. How nice of the Senator to offer our money for this, although it is not his responsibility, or his authority to do. He is also offering incentives for the use of foreign and domestic alcohol based fuels such as ethanol. Senator, perhaps you have not heard, ethanol will deplete our corn crops, a valuable food source. Ethanol will eventually cause a food shortage. Senator McCain has a plan to run up the national debt $300 million and to cause a possible food shortage in America. Hmmmm does that sound presidential? Well it only sounds presidential if you are in the Bush administration. I suppose the critics are correct, John McCain will give us another four years of the same thing.

Senator McCain, I prefer to keep my money, maybe you should pay for this if you are offering this cash prize. I also prefer to not be involved in a food shortage, while you will eat well, my family is not rich, we can not afford to trade our food for fuel.


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