Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kucinich puts forth 35 articles of Impeachment

I saw on the news yesterday that Rep. Kucinich brought forth 35 Articles of Impeachment to impeach President Bush. The videos can be found on youtube I'll try to produce links at the end of this blog. It took him four hours to read all of them but it is well worth watching. I do not think that the video is that long, I think someone edited it to just include what he was reading. You can also find the text online.

At anyrate, this has a lot merit. Of course our representatives do not even want to touch this matter. The Democrats do not want anything to do with it because they do not want to make a spectacle of the matter and seem vindictive and the Republicans do not want to touch it because many of them still support Bush. The funny thing is that this is not a spectacle, this is matter of the law set out by the Constitution that has been violated time and again by Bush and his cabinet. This is about our reps doing there jobs, but then again why would we expect them to do that? Congress needs to step up and do the right thing, Bush is clearly a criminal, anyone who has read the constitution and compared it to what Bush has done knows that he has committed crimes. So what is one to do? We need to call upon congress to step up and take Kucinich seriously. We employ our reps, we vote them in and we can vote them out and we must let them know that we are watching. Let's wake up people, stop giving them the power and use the power granted to you in the Constitution. Article II Section IV of the Constitution spells out the reason why someone should be impeached. Look it up, you will see.


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