Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The grim realities of being out of college

So I am becoming frustrated with my job search. It is actually quite depressing. I have had some more interviews, one was promising but will not even give start until the middle of July. Even once that starts it may not be full time depending on the case load available. It does sound like a great job. I would be an independent contractor providing therapeutic support services to children with behavioral issues. I could have a case with a child that only needs one-on-one time 10 hours a week or with a kid that needs 40 hours a week or a combination of cases. So this job does sound great and even when I am full time I will probably still do this job to make some extra money. But this can not even start all of my clearances and certifications go through and that will not happen until mid-July. Apart from that I have not heard back from anyone else. I have my resume to so many places it is absolutely unbelievable that no one has really gotten back to me. I am becoming depressed. There are great job opportunities for this one company that I would love to work for and I am more than qualified except I do not have a car. The only requirement that I do not meet is the car requirement. I finally have a license by the way folks (easy test, about time) but now I need a car. It is funny, the job I want I need a car but I can't get a car without a job. So who knows when I will get a job, but I hope get one soon because I am becoming more and more discouraged and depressed about this whole situation. And the money in my savings is running out very very quickly.

I need your prayers people. So please, add me to your prayer list. If you don't pray, than let me know if you know someone who has a job opening...both are appreciated.

I hope the rest of you are having better luck than me. I'll pray for you all.


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  1. OMG...i can't even find a temporary crappy job...I'm living off the $7 an hour from MU...it must be something about this summer, I don't kno...I wish u the best of luck and congrats on your license!!!



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