Monday, June 30, 2008

The Cost of the (illegal) Iraq War

As this unconstitutional war rages on, the total cost of the war continues to rise higher and higher by the day, leaving billions of dollars for you and I to continue to pay for the rest of our lives. At present count the total total monetary cost of the Iraq war is 532,723,441,753. This is obviously an estimate and by the time you read this the number would have gone up dramatically. As you can see from the counter to the left of this article, it climbs higher and higher very rapidly. These numbers are according to the Congressional Budget Cmte and thus the numbers are probably far higher than what they report. As we know from past experience, this administration is willing to lie no matter the cost.

But what about the human cost of the President's War? These are the most recent counts I can find and it is estimated that these totals are a low estimation.

US military-29,000 wounded and 4,000 dead.
Iraqi Civilian-85,323 – 93,065 dead
Contractors from various countries-437 dead

Both sets of numbers are heartbreaking for to me, and it seems that not only is the American dollar and it devaluation of no matter to George (Bush) neither is thousands of American lives, thousands of Iraqi lives and and hundreds of lives of other people around the world. It seems the dollar and life is expendable.

As the President dances like a monkey on show for the press, and smiles as if there is no care in the world

Many people do not have the luxury to dance or smile, and certainly do not have the luxury to stay out of this conflict.

Such as this brave soldier who gave much more to his country than he will ever gain from this illegal war

And this child will certainly never have the luxury that George has to dance either, and his father will not smile at the thought of what just happened to his son

And what words could you say to this man as he visits the grave of a friend, a soldier

Well Mr. President (and I use President lightly) what is it that you have to say? Ahhh, yes, pretend as if everything is going well. Good call.

The President will do nothing, Congress will do nothing either. What will you do?

Peace out,


  1. Where did you find the picture with the child's leg blown off? Who is the author and was it published?

  2. Dave,

    The photo is from June 23 2005 and was from the AP/Hadi Mizban. I can not exactly remember where I found the photo.

  3. thank you. I am writing an essay of the rhetorical of the photograph for my college english class. If there is any other information that you may have would be greatly appreciated.


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