Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Life since graduation

Well it has been awhile since I have posted anything at all, I apologize. Life is busy, since graduation I have been spending most of my waking moments looking for a job, sending resumes, filling out applications, and calling people to confirm that they received those resumes. The result of what could be considered a full time job itself has been two interviews. The first was for a company that was promising and then the very same night I get a breaking news alert that they are being "phased out" by their parent company. Needless to say before my first real job even started I was out of a job.

The second interview was today and I am not sure if I am going to accept the job or not, granted they have to offer the job first. It is for third party medical collections and my job would be to get clients that have other delinquent clients. The woman interviewing talked about having to make 8 appointments for our sales rep every two weeks and 80-100 calls a day and that I would be monitored every second of my work day and then evaluated. If I did more than 8 appointments I would make an extra dollar an hour, if I did less than that would not look favorable on me. The job pays $11 an hour which equals about $22,000 a year. Not really enough for me, Sallie Mae will be collecting soon and I will have bills to pay, not to mention the job sounds incredibly boring.

There is one place that sounds promising and I would absolutely love to work for them but when I first contacted them they told me that my resume was great and they would call me when they opened their new building which should have been done shortly after I graduated. I visited their current office today to introduce myself and to let them know I was in the area and that I am very interested in working for them. They were very nice, they said they appreciated the fact that I stopped by to see them, they also told me that construction was behind and that they now have an anticipated opening date sometime in July. What a bummer.

There are some other places that I keep seing posted in the classified job section and I send my resume and I hear nothing from them. According to the postings I am very qualified but I guess I am mistaken. At this rate I'll spend the rest of my adult life underpaid, undervalued, and overqualified. I am beginning to get depressed because of this job situation. I am bored as well. I am used to having something to do, meetings to go to, papers to write, research to do, people to drink wine and watch the latest movie with, have the latest bizarre conversation with. I am homesick, but homesick for the place that has been my home for the past 4 years, I miss Marymount and the people there. How is that possible? Was Marymount really home? I am now realizing that Marymount was a very real home, and I am missing it bitterly. I had wonderful neighbors, a wonderful roommate, a great bunch of people who I routinely saw, who came by my room, who I drank with, and ate my meals with. The people I laughed with, had odd and ridiculous conversations with, fought with about nonsense. These are the people that I shared my life with, who knew damn near everything that happened to me every single day, and these are the people who shared their lives with me.

These are people that I have grown to love over the past 4 years and especially this past year. and then one day it was over and we went our separate ways and I am sad, and I miss them.

I miss you all!

Maybe I'll do a video post in a few days. That could be interesting.

I wish you all well in your future endeavors. I also hope our roads will cross again. Some of you I will see sooner than others, some of you I will see in a year when I get married. Just know that I miss all of you crazy people.....and I love you as well.

Peace out,
Anthony (Uncle Tone)

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