Friday, May 30, 2008

Outrages Gas Prices!!!!

So Ashley and I were driving back from dinner tonight and we needed to fill up the tank, a task that strikes fear in our hearts. So we pull into Sunoco and I look up at the glowing sign of death and the price read $3.95!!!! I thought maybe I had a bit to much to drink or maybe those mushrooms in my pasta dish were borrowed from a shaman hidden deep in the Amazon rain forest. I blinked and looked again and I was not drunk or under the influence of some psychedelic drug, the price was really $3.95 a gallon. Those type of prices are outrageous. Because a picture is worth a thousand words here you go!

I don't know what is going to happen if these gas prices keep rising. Heaven help us.

Peace out,

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Life since graduation

Well it has been awhile since I have posted anything at all, I apologize. Life is busy, since graduation I have been spending most of my waking moments looking for a job, sending resumes, filling out applications, and calling people to confirm that they received those resumes. The result of what could be considered a full time job itself has been two interviews. The first was for a company that was promising and then the very same night I get a breaking news alert that they are being "phased out" by their parent company. Needless to say before my first real job even started I was out of a job.

The second interview was today and I am not sure if I am going to accept the job or not, granted they have to offer the job first. It is for third party medical collections and my job would be to get clients that have other delinquent clients. The woman interviewing talked about having to make 8 appointments for our sales rep every two weeks and 80-100 calls a day and that I would be monitored every second of my work day and then evaluated. If I did more than 8 appointments I would make an extra dollar an hour, if I did less than that would not look favorable on me. The job pays $11 an hour which equals about $22,000 a year. Not really enough for me, Sallie Mae will be collecting soon and I will have bills to pay, not to mention the job sounds incredibly boring.

There is one place that sounds promising and I would absolutely love to work for them but when I first contacted them they told me that my resume was great and they would call me when they opened their new building which should have been done shortly after I graduated. I visited their current office today to introduce myself and to let them know I was in the area and that I am very interested in working for them. They were very nice, they said they appreciated the fact that I stopped by to see them, they also told me that construction was behind and that they now have an anticipated opening date sometime in July. What a bummer.

There are some other places that I keep seing posted in the classified job section and I send my resume and I hear nothing from them. According to the postings I am very qualified but I guess I am mistaken. At this rate I'll spend the rest of my adult life underpaid, undervalued, and overqualified. I am beginning to get depressed because of this job situation. I am bored as well. I am used to having something to do, meetings to go to, papers to write, research to do, people to drink wine and watch the latest movie with, have the latest bizarre conversation with. I am homesick, but homesick for the place that has been my home for the past 4 years, I miss Marymount and the people there. How is that possible? Was Marymount really home? I am now realizing that Marymount was a very real home, and I am missing it bitterly. I had wonderful neighbors, a wonderful roommate, a great bunch of people who I routinely saw, who came by my room, who I drank with, and ate my meals with. The people I laughed with, had odd and ridiculous conversations with, fought with about nonsense. These are the people that I shared my life with, who knew damn near everything that happened to me every single day, and these are the people who shared their lives with me.

These are people that I have grown to love over the past 4 years and especially this past year. and then one day it was over and we went our separate ways and I am sad, and I miss them.

I miss you all!

Maybe I'll do a video post in a few days. That could be interesting.

I wish you all well in your future endeavors. I also hope our roads will cross again. Some of you I will see sooner than others, some of you I will see in a year when I get married. Just know that I miss all of you crazy people.....and I love you as well.

Peace out,
Anthony (Uncle Tone)

Friday, May 9, 2008

Responding to comments

Well it seems that somehow other people are indeed reading my blog, or at least one other person has read it. I know I have not posted in quite some time and for this I apologize, but with the ending of my college career and going to relax in Puerto Rico for a few days, combined with attempts to coordinate packing and the final graduation preparations I have been swamped with things to do. Today's post however will be a response to seoutfromwithin who has commented on my previous post.

Kudos seoutfromwithin (who from here on will be referred to as seout), you seem to be able to form an educated argument, and clever and witty as well in your retorts. How proud of yourself you must be, but I must say I did laugh quite a few times. So here we go, I will address your arguments. I must admit it will not be long mostly because I do not have the time (and you will probably never read my blog again) and because I will attempt to point all who read this in the direction to get the knowledge themselves. After all, I am only one person with one opinion and you should never trust the sayings of just one person. Knowledge is power and the key to keeping your freedom and liberties. So I will attempt to go paragraph by paragraph or at least for the ones that are important and answer your rebuttal.

Ah yes, seout, finding offense to my comparisons of this government to other dictators of the world. I do agree with you that a representative democracy will always have more freedom, however any historian can look into the past and see the similarities between the way our current government is moving and the patterns of past dictators and how they rose to power. Naomi Wolf wrote a wonderful book on the subject called "The End of America: A Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot" In this she describes many of these steps and draws the similarities based on historical precedent and current events. And she is not some loon spouting off about nonsense, she has done excellent research for the book, and if you flip to the back you can see pages of her references and sources cited.

Yes I do have the ability to write freely and express my concerns and opinions and in those regards we are better than dictatorships, but it is not always the case that people can freely express their opinions. Let us not universally say that people can do that without fear because we hear in the news quite often of people being censored or being punished for refusing to do so. I do not make the comparisons to benefit from the negative effect, I make the comparisons so others may see what I mean and do the research themselves and draw their own conclusions. Again, grab Naomi Wolf's book and you will see comparisons as well. Read her sources and it will become clear what could happen.

I did not argue that our current national debt is 50 trillion. I argued that our current national debt is 9 trillion and with the monies we have promised to pay out to American's in the future, our national debt will top 50 trillion. Now I am not the only one who thinks this to be true. The National Treasury department also believes this to be true. You can see this in the US Financial Report that the Treasury Department has released. If you can not find that, Rep. Jim Cooper (D-TN) and a serving member on the Congressional Budget Committee has reprinted the entire thing into a book, mostly because the administration chose to circulate the report to congress over a holiday when there were less than 20 members present to read it, and without a press release or media announcement. If I am grossly overestimating this number than what is there to hide?

So how does one reach this number, any accounting students in the audience will understand the difference between "cash" accounting and "accrual" accounting. Essentially cash refers to what you have in your bank account and cash on hand while accrual accounting refers to what is in your bank account and what is on your credit card statement (the things you have promised to pay). So why does the government keep saying that it is only 9 trillion dollars? Well that is simple, when they do the report they only use cash accounting and not what they have promised to pay. When you factor in our debt of 9 trillion and then adjust Social Security for the current life expectancy, plus medicare, medicaid, veterans benefits and federal employee pensions the number is much higher than 9 trillion. Now I will apologize to you because I said 50 trillion and it turns out I was using was a bit outdated. I should not have used that number because according to Congress and the official Financial Report the number is closer to 65 trillion. The book by rep Cooper is simply named "Financial Report of the United States". Please go look it up, do not take my word for it, but the math does not lie. We have trillions in unfunded but promised future benefits. I am not misleading those who read this by using these numbers, the government misleads the public by not reporting the actual numbers of promised monies as well.

Ah yes, you simply only point to my use of the Patriot Act however you fail to mention anything about the Miliatry Commissions Act. So you find the Patriot Act excuse over used eh? Well I do agree that this Act can expire, however this act also lead to more intrusive acts such as the Military Commissions Act (look it up) the National ID Act (look that up as well) and the axing of the Posse Comitatus Act (again look this up). All of these things allow for an increased military force in America if needed. The Posse Comitatus Act was created to make sure that military could not be used as a police force against the American people, but under this administration this was axed and allowed for this President to more readily declare an emergency and use the miliatary as a police force against the American people. I simply point to New Orleans after Katrina. Some will say the military was there to give aid, well take a look at these pictures, if this is government aid than the government can keep it.

Both of these pictures were taken from the National Press Photographers Association website (nppa.org) from an article describing some of the atrocities that happened after Katrina. The article is stunning. You can read it for yourself here, and then tell me that the ground works for a police state, made possible by acts like the patriot act, are not in place.

And lastly you talk about there not being the danger of an American food crisis and I will simply point you to two articles, mostly because this post is longer than I intended and because it is already noon and I have much to do today. If you believe there we are not marching towards a food shortage please read these articles.

Food banks urge passage of farm bill; critical shortage of food as clients increase

Food Rationing Confronts Breadbasket of the World

I hope this helps some people.

And seout, how adult of you to poke fun by discussing tampons and midol despite the fact that I am a guy. Oh now I get it, that was supposed to be funny and belittling to make you seem all the more superior to me. Oh, I don't think my feelings can stand the humiliation. If only I could have thought of useless rubbish as well to make you look foolish. No, no. I think I'll stick to the facts to make you seem foolish.

And speaking of updating more, when I went to your Livejournal through the link associated with the name you used to comment as of today you have exactly zero posts. It seems you have thrown the first stone for a sin that you yourself are guilty of. Do not criticize me for not updating when you have written nothing.

Good Day