Saturday, April 26, 2008

Why are you not outraged?

I have been watching the news lately and becoming more and more outraged at what I see. Yesterday I read in the newspaper that the price of rice has nearly doubled in the past few months. Gas in some places has topped the $4 a gallon mark, and in general it is becoming the case that people are buying less and spending more money to do so. I was listening to news radio, here in DC, yesterday and they reported that everyday 650 people in Wisconsin and Minnesota are having their utilities shut off by power company because they can not afford to make the payments. Please read that again....650 people a day and not in the country, but in two states! How is this for a number, 200 is the number of homes that have been foreclosed in Manassas City Virginia, and 7 million Americans are in danger of losing their homes because they were lied to, hoodwinked, bamboozled.

Now the Fed has cut interest rates, which further pushes our dollar into recession...and let's face it folks, we are indeed in a recession and heading towards a depression. Be prepared, someone you know will be killed over a loaf of bread if we continue down this path, that is if we can even afford to produce bread. Now President Bush and the Federal Reserve are sending out these checks that are supposed to spur economic growth. Does neither Bush or the Chairman of the Fed, Ben Bernanke, understand how economics works? Do they not understand how this helps no one! Pumping fiat, devalued money into the economy will not save America!!! It will further devalue the dollar pushing us into more recession.

The hope is that you will go out and spend that money on big screen tv's and other high priced devices to spur the economy...but how can we afford to do that with the high average of personal debt that most American's have? Are you going to buy a television when your cable is being shut off? Are you going to buy those cool new clothes when you can not afford to go out? Let's not be silly Mr. President, you caused this crisis and now you are trying to fool the American people by giving them money and saying it will fix things. Has anyone asked themselves where that money is coming from? The total cost of this stimulus package is roughly $145 billion dollars. Interesting, seeing as how we are already pushing 9 trillion dollars in debt just on money that we have borrowed, not to mention the money that the American government has promised to pay millions of American's in entitlement benefits down the road. Those future obligations combined with our current debt owed on monies borrowed puts our national debt figure at somewhere around fifty trillion dollars. Don't know what 50 trillion dollars looks like?

Let me show you: 50,000,000,000,000.00

Well that certainly is a lot of zeros. So how much of that debt is the average American responsible for? Oh well that number is astounding as well....$175,000 and climbing. So when those stimulus checks come to your door you may want to reconsider what you will do with them. You owe the world $175,000 plus your own personal debt.

So with the price of everything rising, and the size of your wallet shrinking. Knowing that we are spending $1 trillion a year trying to fund this war that was not authorized by Congress or the Constitutional. Knowing that your home is in danger, that your utilities are in danger, that soon you may not be able to get to work because gas will be so high that you do not get paid enough to cover gas, besides who wants to go work when you can not afford food to eat. Knowing all of these things why are people not outraged?

People talk but then move along like sheep to the slaughter. Why are the American people not taking to the street? Why are they not up in arms???? Why is there not mass unrest and mass shows of civil disobedience? President George W. Bush is a criminal and should be put on trial. He is killing you, your family, your freedom. And yet we allow him to do so. We are you not in the streets protesting? Why are you not organizing uprisings against a criminal government. This administration is no better than Castro in Cuba, or the former dictator Sadam Hussein that we just removed from power in Iraq. This administration has slowly taken away your freedom with things such as the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act and has begun to erode your Constitutional Rights. You are enslaved to other countries because of a a climbing national debt. And yet, we think we are free. Wake up folks. Go back and look at some of those numbers. Do a quick google search of anything I have spoken about. Or simply ask me and I can tell you more.

We need action.

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected, once it's realized that our liberty and wealth are in jeopardy" -Dr. Ron Paul

Today I echo those words...we have been warned. Why are you not outraged?


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  1. Why am I not outraged? The answer is simple. Unlike the dictatorships you mention, our government is based on consistent change. No matter how much you hate a politician, you should find solace in the fact that no government elected official will remain in power forever and you will inevitably witness change.

    Your ability to publish your critical opinions of our government without fear of reprisal, punishment, or censorship negates your statement that our current administration is “…no better than Castro in Cuba, or the former dictator Saddam Hussein…”. Your comparison is irrational and naive. Any representative democracy, despite its leadership, will always retain more freedom than any form of dictatorship. Comparing President Bush to Saddam Hussein and Fidel Castro is like comparing astronomy to astrology. You can make small associations between the two, (i.e. both involve the stars), but they are fundamentally different. The only logical reason you would make that comparison is to benefit off the negative connotations and actions that are associated with those political figures. I’m surprised you didn’t mention Adolf Hitler or Judas for a more profound effect.

    I agree with you that our current economy is poor, that we have stumbled into a recession, and we have a lot of economic turbulence in the coming months. Despite this, our country is not “heading towards a depression,” which is a huge exaggeration. You argue that our national debt is fifty trillion dollars. That is one of many hypothetic estimates floating around the internet. It is deceiving when you to use that estimate as fact to validate your opinions and to go as far as to write out the number for a visual impression. Twelve million people watched ABC’s “Lost” last week. Of course, that is a very rough estimate but it sounds good, so the producers will use it when describing the show’s popularity. You’re doing the same thing here. You’re inflating a number so much that it becomes meaningless, in order to urge people to take some sort of action. To be fair, you do correctly mention our actual debt, nine trillion dollars, but adding on an estimated forty one trillion dollars and embellishing the facts, just like a supermarket tabloid, is misleading and wrong.

    Throwing esoteric numbers at people and screaming at them, as you are doing, won’t make them care. If most Americans aren’t able to name their own congressional representative, how can we expect to productively discuss the state of our economy and financial situation amongst ourselves? Americans are impulse buyers. Sally wants the newest Prada bag? She can have it immediately. Tommy wants the newest iPod? He can have it right now. By throwing half a thousand dollars at people, the government is relying on our impulsive nature and is expecting us to pump that money right back into the economy, and we will. Whether it will make a difference or not is yet to be seen, so it is a moot point to argue how effective it is at this point.

    The USA PATRIOT Act is too often used as a scapegoat for our supposed eroding constitutional rights, as you have done, which is just flat out wrong. The act allows information agencies to communicate with each other more effectively, updates specific laws to be used with the internet, and allows law enforcement agencies the ability to use tools that are already in place (i.e. used to hinder organized crime and drug dealers) to confront a new, unorthodox enemy that remains hidden and is precariously stubborn. There are several “safety precautions” built into the law to prevent abuse. Most importantly, there have been and still are several sunset clauses attached to the act, which are basically expiration dates. That inconvenient fact is usually glossed over and ignored by those opposed to the act. In reality, your life has not been affected by that law.

    Throughout your entire post, you describe the United States as if we are in 1789 in France. You argue that it won’t be long until “someone [I] know will be killed over a loaf of bread,” and it won’t be long until our country will face difficulties “produc[ing] bread.” It seems you’re the expecting the President to run to the verandah and scream to the famished and outraged public “Let them eat cake!”, while a group of patriotic citizens storms the White House, and people rally around the Capital building, holding hands like Dr. Seuss’ Whos on Christmas morning, singing and cheering because we finally have our freedom. I hate to rain on your parade but that isn’t going to happen. There won’t be massive food riots, or burning of effigies on the Mall, or a coup. There is no food crisis in this country. I have no idea why you would think that. On the other hand, there is a world food crisis, and there are people starving in other countries that we provide aid to. If your God, Dr. Paul, were in power - heaven forbid - that aid would immediately cease.

    President Bush is not a criminal. He has made many mistakes and I’m and I’m not too fond of him at the moment, but I don’t let my emotions sway my logic. He is not “killing” you or me, our families, or any of our freedoms. Just because a Ron Paul supporter holds up a sign that says it, doesn’t make it so. However, if sometime in the future there is in fact a massive food riot in this country, I promise I’ll give up my bread to you while I eat a big slice of humble pie. Until then, replace your tampon, drink some Midol, and calm down.

    Also, you should update more.


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