Thursday, April 3, 2008

Day 11 April 3, 2208

Day 11 10:17pm

Things are going well. I will admit that I have not been as faithful as I should have been and I will not make excuses for it, but I will say this, it was quite good lol. Ok so my vegetable and fruit consumption has still been pretty high and I feel good about it. I have noticed that I have had to move my belt over one notch (in the skinnier direction) and that my pants and some of my shirts are fitting a bit better. So I am excited about this. As far as appearance goes I have not noticed a change. I tend to lose weight in my cheeks fairly quickly and my face looks thinner but then again I never notice those things. I guess the real test will be when I see my family and see if they notice a change. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not expecting to see monumental results over night but eventually, after doing this for over a month I would think there would be some results. So anyway we will see about that.

I am hungry right now and contemplating food items that I would love to have right now, namely chinese dumplings and lo-mein, but I will refrain from those because my wallet is already where I want my waist to be--thin. I am also not in my room as I write this and that is also helpful to stave off the temptation to have the unhealthy stuff. I am sure I will eat something when I get back to my room, I have celery (which I love but other people seem to cringe at) as well bell peppers and grapes, so I am all set to have a healthy snack if I need one when I get back.

In other news, I just booked my tickets for the trip to Puerto Rico in May to celebrate graduation. I am excited about that. It was a challenge finding four tickets at low prices and then finding four seats close to each other so that we could all sit next to each other. Hopefully everything will go as planned because after my last flight debacle I am not mentally prepared to take another one such as that and I guarantee that no amount of airport training has mentally prepared the kind TSA folks either. So yes, things seem to be going well. The PR trip is finally a reality with the tickets booked, graduation and class work is right on schedule, my tuition is paid, and I am searching for jobs and some look rather promising. Now all I am waiting for is to hear from grad schools (and some I still need to apply to). Once that happens everything will be all set and the next phase of my life can continue to move on, hopefully with "less" of me.

Well that is all for now. I hope all is well with everyone and I wish you all the best of luck on all of your adventures.


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