Monday, March 31, 2008

Day 8--Weigh In

Day 8


So I know I have not posted in a few days. It has been hectic and it was hard to find time to blog everyday. Even right now I am eating lunch (fruit and a salad and some yogurt) with 15 minutes before I leave for work. So I will try to be more faithful from here on out.

First I would like to thank everyone who commented on this blog. Some of you I have not talked to in years and some I see often but do not talk to a lot; thank you. I am glad that someone reads this, it inspires me knowing someone is watching. I am greatful for all the kind words and encouragement and I will continue to write so that you can be inspired and encouraged in whatever it is that you do.

So is the diet going? It is going quite well really. I would be lying if I said that I ate no unhealthy food, however 98% of the food that I did have was healthy. I feel better, I do not walk away from the table with that stuffed feeling but I am satisfied. I have more energy and my body just feels good all around and I feel good about myself when I step away from a meal knowing that I made healthy choices and I am on my way to living a longer, better, and happier life with my family.

This diet thus far has consisted of fruits and vegetables mostly, along with protein such as meat like chicken or turkey and fish. I am quite surprised at how much I can do with the healthier food to make it good. I did have pizza the other night but it was for a friends birthday and after that pizza I jumped back onto the healthy life band wagon. Apart from that the diet has been going as planned.

As I had promised I was going to post my weight for my own personal "wiegh-in". I have decided to post it here because I think it will be good for my life and for other people to know. It is great to be able to track these things and while it is somewhat embarassing I can deal with that knowing that I am changing. So my scale finally came and I just weighed myself (before lunch) and the read out said 382.6lbs. That number would be dismaying to me however it is down about 19lbs since the last time I was weighed a few months ago. I do not how much I have lost since starting this change but I will be able to track it more readily and I will do it once a week, probably on Sundays, and post it here. So there we have it I am 19lbs closer to a better life and I will keep going.

Well that is all for now. I wish you all a wonderful day and the best of luck.

May all be well,

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Day 1

Day 1 Tuesday March 25, 2008

1:33pm Day 1

So the first day of my new healthy life is going well so far. This morning I went to breakfast at 9:30am and had some fruit and two hardboiled eggs and of course water. Water is pretty much now my drink of choice. At anyrate I was surprised to feel satisfied by that breakfast and it kept me satisfied until lunch. I had lunch at about 12:45, my goal is to eat at 2 hour intervals with breakfast lunch an dinner being a normal meal (except healthy) and then to snack on vegetables and fruit in between or when I become hungry. Hopefully this will keep my metabolism and blood sugar up thus making me not feel like I am famished mid afternoon. At lunch I had a salad with couscous, assorted salad vegetables, some turkey and red wine vinegar for the dressing as well as some cantaloupe and peas and carrots. It was quite good really and I do not feel lethargic or overly stuffed like I normally do. I just finsihed lunch recently so I am not feeling nay hunger but that could change in about an hour or so; good thing I went to the store last night and got some fruits and vegetables to make "snack packs". That is all for now. I will keep updating as I am able.

11:11pm Day 1

So I am about to go to bed now. The day has gone well and I do not feel hungry at this point, at least not very hungry. I had a salad and fruit for dinner as well as roasted vegetables. It was not a bad meal. I also had a few ritz baked crakcers or something like that. At anyrate this is going well so far. The only problem I am having is that the cafeteria here absolutely sucks for helping people eat healthy especially in the protein/meat department. I ran into problems today trying to get meat that was not covered in some sort of sauce or gravy and I fell back on the deli meat to put into my salad, which was also good but not exactly what I was looking for. But I am going to remain as positive as possible at this point and I hope that in a few days I will not be a grumpy bastard lol.

Goodnight all.

Keep rooting for me folks!

May all be well,

Monday, March 24, 2008

A Healthy lifestyle change

I have been thinking for quite some time now that I in fact need to drop some pounds, a lot of pounds. There are many reasons why; I am getting married in a year and I want to look good, I want to be able to play with my future children, I want to be able to walk into a store and buy clothes off the shelf (some stores I can) and I want to be healthier in general. I have been thinking about this for a while and have always said that " I will start it tomorrow" and tomorrow came and tomorrow went and the change never happened. Today, two very good friends, whom I love very much, have also decided to undertake this healthy lifestyle change and urged me to do the same and thus with a support base established tonight at midnight it will begin. We went to the store and bought some fruits and vegetables to snack on when we get hungry instead of grabbing chips or candy or ordering pizza. I am hoping that today starts something great for me, something that will change me and allow me to be a healthier person for myself and for the future people that will be in my life. Yes this change will be hard, food is in fact an addiction, the way drugs take over centers in the brain to give satisfaction and to comfort, food can do the same thing. The brain sometimes tricks you into thinking you are hungry when really you could be thirsty, or you could be looking for some other form of satisfaction that comes across as wanting food. Indeed the same pleasure sensors that give you satisfaction with being with a loved one or doing other things that are satisfying are the same sensors that are satisfied when you have food and sometimes you can not tell the difference. With a change such as this, cutting out a lot of carbs and sweets and food that is generally not very good for me, my body will undoubtedly make me think that I am incredibly hungry or starving; that is something that I will have to counteract. So this begins my journey. I am hoping that I can blog everyday about this journey. I will be buying a scale soon and I will weigh in once a week and give a result. I will try to chronicle what I am eating and how I feel from a day to day basis. I will try to be as faithful to this as possible so that it can help me but maybe also give hope to other people.

So here we go. This should be interesting because I am already hungry lol

May all be well,